Who Are We?

S&H consultant, coaching and training are established to be a training and consultancy provider to deliver tailored training and consultancy as solutions to help individuals and corporations improve productivity and performance.

We in S&H truly believe that creating long-term effects requires building on existing knowledge and experiences. We offer a variety of services, and they always share three qualities: they are determined by new concepts and theories, they are practical, and they result in fresh insights. We use tools and strategies that are easy to put into practice. This way we enable individuals and organizations to have a greater beneficial social influence.

How Do We Work?

Our approach is based on our values and promises. We make a positive impact for all our clients and help them become the next and best versions of themselves.

We provide flexible on-premises and online training. In coaching, we use various tools and assessments such as the VIA Gallup Strengths Assessment and Positive Psychology Interventions. We coach you to set goals that will help you move forward in the course of work or career path that is beneficial to you.

With more than 18 years of experience in Data Management, we work with clients to help them better understand and use their data so that they can make better decisions and achieve better results. We provide online and on-premises data training and data management strategy consultancy.

Who Are Our Clients?

In Personal Development:

New freshmen (recent graduates) to mid-level professionals, or those who are unhappy with their current jobs, are looking to understand how they can bring more of their strengths through their work while creating an environment of inclusion and collaboration. Professionals who want to understand how they can align themselves with projects that will increase their job satisfaction, within the parameters of the roles they have to perform. We also work with those who have job gaps, and job seekers.

In Data Consultancy:

As organizations generate and consume data at unprecedented rates, data management is becoming increasingly important for making sense of massive amounts of data. Data management is the practice of collecting, organizing, protecting, and storing an organization’s data so it can be analyzed for business decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dedicate our experience, expertise, and education to reinvent how people learn, develop, and grow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice for consultancy, coaching, earning and development to enable growth and prosperity for everyone.

Our Values

We are guided by our core values in delivering our services.


Growing as individuals and a company is our aim. We believe that the learning and development is a life journey, which is what will continue to push us forward as a company.


In S&H We apply moral and ethical principles at work.


Empathy is key to providing superb service. In S&H we actively listen, generously support and unconditionally give.

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