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Helmi Tatanaki

Data Consultant, Project Manager & Public Speaker

Samar Siala

Positive Psychology Strengths-based Career Coach

What Our Clients Say

I had a very positive experience working with Samar Siala as she guided me tremendously with my CV and cover letter. As someone who has generally followed a more American approach to the two documents, Samar was very helpful in providing insight from a Dutch perspective.

Samar taught me how to restructure the content of my CV in order for it to be objective-driven content-wise as well as more visually appealing. Likewise, for the cover letter, Samar highlighted the importance of answering key fundamental questions in order to streamline content and capture an employer’s attention.

Additionally, as an expat who has just moved to The Netherlands, Samar provided a much-needed dose of encouragement, motivation, and support. She is empathetic and empowering. It was a pleasure meeting her and learning from her.

I was one of the lucky ones who got the chance to have my LinkedIn profile reviewed by Samar Siala to receive professional recommendations on how to improve the messages I would like to present in my profile.

The detailed criticisms on my profile were very precisely worded to avoid feeling bad about what I have missed writing but made me think it could be better “this way” or “that way” with reasons and examples, which gave me the thrill of discovering something new I was not aware of before, while I was looking at it all the time.

I really enjoyed the beautifully presented report sent by Samar, in addition to the comments, the constant follow up, cheering the changes which made me feel confident, and if this would be paid service I will gladly pay, as I received an excellent value that opened my eyes to areas that I have never explored before.

I’m still working on my profile to apply the recommendations, as it requires recalling some details from my previous work experience, and it is worth it 👍

I had the pleasure to experience career coaching firsthand with Samar Siala. I was invited to a very important interview, and I really wanted to get this job. However, I had minimal experience on how to prepare myself for an interview, what to say, how to act and, even, what to wear. It was becoming more and more stressful for me, but then I met Samar.

She explained everything to me in such detail that it was so easy to follow. We practiced my elevator speech, prepared a STAR story for every point of the job description, talked about practicalities and discussed how to answer those tricky questions such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Samar’s calming attitude helped me psychologically, she told me that interview is a great life experience, and whatever happens is a good outcome anyway. The next day I went for an interview and got the job. For that, I thank Samar from all my heart.

السيّدة سمر سيالة شخصية رائعة، كان ليا الشرف أنها قامت بتقييم صفحتي على تطبيق اللنكدن بشكل دقيق وجذاب. ساعدتني بصراحة أن أركز على كامل النقاط المهمة لبناء بروفايل قوي ومحتوى واضح للمتابعين. ممتنة للوقت الذي السيدة سمر سمحت لي به ومن خلاله أرسلت لي تقييم محترف ومنظم ومفصّل يتضمن كل أجزاء الصفحة الشخصية. ساعدتني أيضاً بالمتابعة الشخصية الخاصة عبر الرسائل حتى تعرف إن ما كنت أسير على المسار الصحيح نحو الاهداف المنشودة. السيّدة سمر هي شخصية جداً لطيفة ومرنة والأهم من ذلك هي شخص محترف يعرف عمله بشكل ممتاز.

أرشّحها وبقوة لأي شخص يحتاج تطوير صفحته الشخصية ومعرفة أهدافه ومحتواه ليصل للفئة المنشودة.

Samar’s career coaching approach is strongly founded on principles from positive psychology (PP). PP partially focuses and builds on what strengths you have rather than trying to fix weaknesses that are unlikely to transform into strengths. Thanks to six sessions with her, I discovered what my three core values and top-five strengths are, and I’m able to track my past decision-making tendencies, both on a career and personal level, back to these. Knowing what makes you tick and what you do well are key building blocks to success. They’re connected to unlocking motivation, the ability to persevere and discovering what careers you could perform well in. Also thanks to Samar, I created and followed through with S.M.A.R.T. goals to successfully improve key Wheel of Life areas. Together, we confirmed I made the right career change decision as I have a strong love of learning, supporting others, and having opportunities to take on many different tasks and challenges at once.

I recommend Samar as a career coach, because she is a keen and highly engaged listener with a passion for coaching, who excels at asking questions that poke holes through your personal beliefs to help you understand who you really are and what you really want from your career (and life).

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