Samar Siala

Certified Positive Psychology Strengths-Based Career Coach

I coach you to identify your values & strengths to find your path, accelerate the achievement of your career goals – to Grow and Glow

Certified Professional Trainer Specializing in Human Resource Career Development, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, and Founder of “Samar Siala Your Career Scanner” where my services focus on professional assistance to highlight and connect your unique talents, your personal values and strengths. I believe that all people have the capability to become resilient, thrive, grow and glow.

I hold a Master’s degree in Global Human Resource Management from the University of Liverpool, and I am a certified coach motivational from the Institute of Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as a certified trainer.

With more than 15 years of work experience in major global companies (Wall Street), I know how leaders and decision makers work, I understand their minds, and how they think in the job performance evaluation stage and during the recruitment of new employees.

I know how leaders set priorities in the job performance appraisal phase and in the recruitment of new members with respect to established qualifications and standards. This experience has enabled me to coach and train professionals to perform better and land the job of their dreams.

I am a data management consultant with over 15 years of experience in data management, business storytelling, project management, training, and public speaking.

With my analytical skills and extensive data knowledge, I have dedicated my academic and professional experience to hone my skills in these areas, creating over 15 years of experience in data management professionalism and managing project management cycles from initial conception to delivery. As a constant seeker of continuous improvement, change management is another area in which I specialize, demonstrating my ability to improve, and restructure the data management function.

With my experience in multiple international organizations such as Shell and Nike as a data consultant, I have been able to help them develop a successful data management strategic plan and assemble and train international teams to implement the strategy. With my extensive experience in training junior employees remotely in many countries, and continuous communication and follow-up on their performance in data management and operations, I was able to give courses in the art of communication and persuasion in several countries.

Helmi Tatanaki

Expert in Big Data, Data Consultant and Project Management

Data specialist and connect with others through storytelling

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