Career Coaching

Career Coaching

By Samar Siala

Self-development, career counseling

I am confident that it will be valuable to work together, as I do individual and group training. The first session is free. This is to get to know you and to develop an offer and business plan.

How i can help you?

  • One to one coaching sessions to explore your professional needs to bring clarity and understanding to your career path
  • Help you to define a strategy for your job hunt.
    Explore your strengths and values and know how to use them
  • Help you to write and enhance your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn
  • Discover different tools for job hunting.
  • Prepare you for your next job interview

Free Guides

By Samar Siala

  • Interview guide
  • CV guide
  • Cover letter Guide
  • LinkedIn Guides:
    • Optimizing LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers
    • Writing LinkedIn Headline
    • Writing LinkedIn Summary

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Data Management Consultancy

Data Management Consultancy

Explore how to manage your data efficiently

Are you looking for a better approach to manage your data?
Are you trying to find your way through the cloud of industry jargon?

We help your complicated data system adhere to your business objectives and enhance your bottom line.

You can easily collect data but managing, consolidating, and using that data can make or break the bottom line.

As a data management consultant, I know the data management consultancy business is full of buzz words such as, big data, data management strategy, data profiling, data monitoring, agile data and more. The reality is that there are many challenges with today’s data and no longer does a data management strategy consist of simply having data.

Data Key for data consultancy provides expert data strategy & information management consulting services in the areas of:

  • Enterprise data strategy
  • Data mining
  • Data analysis
  • Data migration
  • Big data consulting
  • Master data management
  • Data quality

Data Management Consultant
Can Save Your Assets

No matter what your current analytics maturity level, we can help your company create and implement a solid data management process. We will benchmark your current status and design a roadmap to help you grow from there.

The road map consists of three stages which are:

01. Strategy

Understanding your business is the first, critical step. After deep research and discovery, we collaborate with you to develop a customized data management strategy.

02. Implementation

We connect your goals and strategies with specific data management tactics to make it happen.

03. Training

Our data management consultants provide training to employees to guide your sustained success.

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