Helmi Tatanaki


Expert in Big Data, Data Consultant and Project Management

Data specialist and connect with others through storytelling

I am a data management consultant with over 15 years of experience in data management, business storytelling, project management, training, and public speaking.

With my analytical skills and extensive data knowledge, I have dedicated my academic and professional experience to hone my skills in these areas, creating over 15 years of experience in data management professionalism and managing project management cycles from initial conception to delivery. As a constant seeker of continuous improvement, change management is another area in which I specialize, demonstrating my ability to improve, and restructure the data management function.

With my experience in multiple international organizations such as Shell and Nike as a data consultant, I have been able to help them develop a successful data management strategic plan and assemble and train international teams to implement the strategy. With my extensive experience in training junior employees remotely in many countries, and continuous communication and follow-up on their performance in data management and operations, I was able to give courses in the art of communication and persuasion in several countries.

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