It’s more important than ever to tell a clear, engaging and inspiring story. You need a road map to help you whether you’re working on a sales presentation, an internal business update, or the executive briefing. Skill in storytelling – creating a compelling narrative around your actions or your purpose – gives you the power to be heard above louder voices. It inspires people to think along with you


Well told stories have the power to engage, educate and inspire people. That is why I highly encourage professionals to cultivate a storytelling culture and make storytelling a core competency in their leadership and communication skills. It takes skill to tell a good story, and we all recognize one when we hear one. However, there is a science to the art of storytelling.

Throughout history, successful leaders and public speakers have recognized and utilized the power of effective storytelling. Telling a story engages your audience and raises your public speaking to an art form, regardless of your topic or audience.


  • Module 1: The Science of Storytelling
  • Module 2: The 3 Priniciplesof Storytelling
  • Module 3: The 5 Elements of Story Structure
  • Module 4: Put Everything Together

Who is this course for?

Entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, business owners, employees, students, and anyone who has an idea or a message and wants to effectively deliver it to the world.

What you’ll learn

  • Know the storytelling fundamentals.
  • Develop storytelling skills that can be applied to work and life.
  • Hook your audience with your stories.
  • Understand how to create impactful and emotional stories.
  • Understand how to create impactful and emotional stories.

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