A Lesson From My Father


Failures are not stopping signs, they are great guidelines

One of my favorite meanings of “SPEAK” is:

  • Sharing
  • Personal Experience
  • As
  • Knowledge

Every day we live through different experiences, we most of the time do not notice how these experiences shape our thoughts and behavior. In 2017 I won second place in the Toastmasters International speech contest for Division C District 59. The speech title was “Keep Going”. In this speech, I shared personal experiences and the lesson behind them. I did not realize how a key message my father shared with me “Failures are not stopping signs, they are great guidelines” has had a major influence on my life.

Click on this link the below link to watch the recording of the speech.

I would like to encourage you to check back on the incredibly rich experiences you have been through, dig out those hidden lessons, and check how they influenced your life. When you do, you will see the next step much much clearer


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