Positive Psychology Changed my life -How knowing my values and strengths changed my career and life?

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We hear stories about famous people who were broke at an early stage of their careers. However, their life changed completely after getting introduced to their values and strength. Engaging values and strengths in their career guided them to success.

I believe we are born with unique strengths and powers, and once we explore them, dreams become through. Once I was able to define my core values and understand more about my strengths, I proudly led my change.


  • The way I deliver my ideas and services are unique and authentic. Uniqueness and authenticity are the core values that make me thrive and flourish.
  • I ask people questions and listen, to help them introduce their professional experience more clearly than what they wrote in their resumes. To help them revise and improve their resumes and present themselves more professionally to land their dream job. I do this because I care, and caring is one of my core values.
  • I live my values to the extent, of enjoying them to guide me and support my goals. I relate this to positivity which is one of my core values. Positivity makes me flourish and makes my career special for me.

My life and career had changed for the better when I realized my values, strengths, and purpose in life. I believe this is a very powerful approach, I flourish and thrive in every minute I spend helping people to land their dream jobs peacefully.


I would conclude with this real-life story of Lisa Nichols. Although Lisa was “broke and broken” a single mother with only 12$ to feed her eight months baby, today Lisa is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers. Lisa owns a multi-million-dollar firm called Motivating the Masses and is an author of seven best-selling books. Lisa is guided by her values and used her strength to flourish and thrive.

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